Adapting the principle of crop rotation in order to reduce the footprint in the local ecosystem. Light movable constructions can be placed in several particular places, which can be moved between during the year by the fish-farming boats in the area.


Imagine beeing a dedicated birdwatcher and not beeing able to stay amongst the worlds largest population of Sea Eagles. If, for example, you are a writer, painter or a composer and not able to be alone on an island and perceive the symphony of changing horizons in the dark period. Or, having simply, never been able to experience the wilderness of the north because there has not been somewhere safe to stay. 


Normality is the subjective ground between two outmost points, both extreme in each direction. The city worker may experience the silence of nature as an extreme silence, or the outmost point from his normal environment in the city. 

We are looking at the possibilities of a sustainable future for tourism in these vulnerable parts of the Norwegian coastline.